Dryer Vent Cleaning -  $125.00

We visually inspect each dryer vent system when possible for needed repairs or alterations. Repairs are extra. We also provide a service where we take the back off your dryer and clean the excess lint from your dryer motor and surrounding electronic components. This provides an added safety value and is an add-on charge to the dryer vent cleaning process. Includes cleaning underneath the lint screen of the dryer new flex hose if necessary use of a video camera if necessary. Price also includes a spacer between the dryer and back wall if necessary.

Certified Chimney Sweep -   $179.00

We visually inspect each chimney system when possible for needed repairs or alterations. Repairs are extra.

Twice Cleaned Air Ducts -  $575 Per system

Please allow 3-4 hours for professional air duct cleaning. We use the latest technology to sanitize and scrub your system end to end.

Small house, Apartment or Condo Special - $400

Free Air Filter - 1 return & 6 vents - Also include the air handler

When moving into a new apt. or condo, it's essential to have the duct system cleaned. Air duct cleaning is a process that should be completed at least once a year to help maintain the safety and integrity of your home. By doing so, you’ll be guaranteeing a higher level of air quality and will relieve symptoms of respiratory ailments, allergies, asthma and more.

Golden’s Good Air provides competitive pricing and guarantees the best air duct service in the valley.

We offer a complete air duct cleaning process with a negative air machine.

  1. Sanitization of all the vent and the whole system.

  2. Odor killing expertise to control bad recurring odors.

  3. We use professional equipment and chemicals which are approved and tested to be safe in homes and offices.

Two Times Through Process

The most jaw-dropping feature of the duct cleaning services that are provided by Golden’s Good Air is our two pronged processes. It means that you get a free second time through to ensure that all dirt and debris have been cleared and most bacteria have been eliminated.

Second Cleaning

We do a bottoms-up approach within the whole duct system, from the source to the vent. This process is done under positive air pressure with a high powered fogger. If something was missed during the cleaning process the first time, it will come out the second time. There will be no extra cost for this. This service is not provided by any other air duct cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona and it is guaranteed.

Don't Get Fooled Again!


Happiness is the game, friends & clean air

Air Duct Cleaning

 Are allergies or asthma a problem for you and your family? Improve your indoor air quality by having your air ducts cleaned. Arizona air duct cleaning will help reduce the strain on your AC unit and reduce your running costs.

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