• Charles Golden

The 3-Step air duct cleaning process

Secure Negative Air throughout your System:

1-Sanitize and Deodorize: We use technologically advanced fogging machines to mist disinfectant throughout the interior HVAC and air duct system. The disinfectant and deodorization process leaves your HVAC system clean. An anti-microbial compound is applied to kill any germs, bacteria, and fungi and prevents further mold growth.

2-Wet Clean: Over time, contamination builds up on floor registers, vents, cold air returns. All floor registers, ceiling vents, and cold air returns are carefully removed, hand scrubbed, washed, dried, and reattached adequately.

3-Air Compress Clean: The root of a clean air duct system is a clean furnace. We clean all components of your air duct system. The furnace air handler and the blower motor are cleaned by compressed air.

With our state leading the nation right now in lousy air pollution, getting your air ducts cleaned is a small step you can do that yields significant results. Most people spend most of their time indoors. Breathing better indoor air can help your health and heating/cooling expenses year-round.

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