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Most air duct cleaning services come to your home or place of business and use a vacuum and brush to clean your air ducts. After the air ducts are cleaned to theirstandards, they use a mister at the air return to sanitize your system. This practice doesn't meet the Golden standard!

Golden's Good Air believes in thoroughly cleaning a customer's air duct system and killing all bacteria that resides within your ducts. That's why we perform a "Double Cleaning Air Duct Process".

- We first perform a complete air duct cleaning with a negative air machine.

- After the regular cleaning is complete we apply a sanitizer to each vent opening, air return, and air handler.

- Then we go through the air duct system a second time, end to end, under positive air pressure with a high powered fogger.

- If you have unpleasant odors within your home due to cigarettes, cigars, or fungus, when we perform the second cleansing, we will add water, mold killer or a special odor killing formula, in order to get rid of any stubborn odors that normally would be hard to eliminate.

- Our air duct cleaning system far exceeds industry standards. Unlike other duct cleaning services Golden's Good Air only uses cleansing formulas that are: eco-friendly, residential safe, family safe, infant and child safe, and is safe to breathe.

- Golden's Good Air believes in contributing to the health of our planet and is committed to being a "Green" company.

"Excellent. Friendly, professional, and did not take shortcuts to perform services." ~ Virginia Allen ~ 6/3/2017

20" cable with soft flex brush

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